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Personalizing Faith

I came across an interesting article in this postin recons today.

A lot of the first years after I quit drinking was figuring out what I believed and discarding what was not of use to me. One of the most liberating experiences was when my mentor at the time told me that if I didn't like the image of god with which I was raised, that I could discard it and build my own. He didn't care what it was, he only said that it was important that I believe that *something* other than myself could help me.

I initially thought this a lot like building my own hotrod, but that may just have been the Ministry tune in my head.

I sat down one sunny afternoon in my bedroom in that group house in DC and listed the characteristics that my god did and didn't have.

The best part was, that I forevermore knew that if the god that I had wasn't working for me, I could find/build another. For a time, I took immense comfort in praying to Grandma Moses from The Stand.

That's one of the reasons that I personally reject the RC church. I could never find the freedom to grow. I was always ducking for cover and trying to color inside the lines that seemed arbitrary to me.

So, yeah. There's a World's Fair of religion and spirituality out there. What have you chosen, how did it work, and what are you choosing today?
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