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Upon further reflection

I've been wondering about the effects of excommunication lately. I started this community because I was all pissed off and wanted to deny the RCC the use of my name.

I realize that I will be denied Eucharist. No big deal there. I haven't been to confession in years, I'm denied Eucharist now anyway. I certainly take no pleasure in going to church.

Likewise, I will be denied other sacraments. Again, I care not.

What I wonder about is if a) I will be allowed to attend other Catholic friends' weddings and b) whether or not being excommunicated from the RCC is transitive to other christain sects. B recurses back to A again for all other christian weddings and baptisms and the like.

I want to be there for friends, I just don't want to be a part of the RCC.


I guess it's back to googling for me.
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